Southern Utah's Voted #1 Prenatal & Pediatric Specialist

With three extra years of specialized schooling Dr. Sorenson pursued his diplomat in prenatal and pediatric care to better serve children and expectant mothers.

My Story

"When my wife went into labor with our first son and the delivering doctor pulling on my baby's head with forceps, slid her body 6 inches on the delivery table....."

~Dr. John

Meet the Team

Together we hope to meet your health needs and goals.  From the beginning of life to the golden years, we are excited to help provide you with the highest quality of health and activity.

Dr. John Sorenson, DC, DAACP

Pediatric Chiropractor

Aditi Aromi, CLEC, RT

Certified Lactation Education Counselor


Katelyn Niepraschk

Front Desk Receptionist

Do you have a colicky baby?

Give us a try!  Dr. John can resolve this issue in as little as three treatments!